Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 2009

First of all we are super proud to announce a joint venture with local artist Lisa Max. We have been stocking Lisa's toys and pillows for a couple of months and we have just released a limited edition jersey scarf with Lisa's cat and owl artwork printed on both ends. Art you can wear around your neck! We are really excited to see what we can create together in the future.

Berserk is a clothing label from Karen Bjornenak in Melbourne. Karen also co-owns the great Cat's Meow boutique in the Campbell Arcade in Melbourne's city. Her clothing is cut beautifully with great details. We also love that she only does limited runs of her designs so you really have to snap them up when you see them. We've almost already sold out of her black and white swallow printed skirt but we have just got in a size range of the new red ones with black swallow print.

We do love our brooches here and when mutual friend Laura Miller pointed Sniffle Co in our direction, we couldn't have been more pleased. Bowling pins, ghosts and Woody Allen are all tops motifs for decorating your chest, we think. Here's an interview with Sniffle Co's
creator John Patterson -

We're always being asked about bags suitable for guys and when we found screen printed canvas knapsack bags from New Orleans based Happy Family, we knew we were on a winner! It's hard to pick a favourite but personally, we're keen on the dinosaur and Diana camera prints.

Feel like a new dress for winter? Just a sample of our current range includes a strapless 50s red and white stripe number from Peta Pledger, denim ruffled minis from Nooworks, woollen plaid a-lines from Gentle Fawn or fancy black silk with a bow shifts from Secret Squirrel. Come in and see what else we have in store for you!

We also have some more polaroid film due to arrive any day now. Our last lot went so fast we missed out on buying any for ourselves! We've ordered some extra this time but if you'd like any held for you email us at and we will sort you out.

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