Thursday, April 01, 2010

Polaroid News!

Howdy all you Polaroid lovers, I have some good news for you!

1. We received a letter from Polaroid today announcing their new camera! For those familiar with the Fuji Instax it is like that - same shape and prints those business card sized photos. It's super cute! So Polaroid are producing the cameras and the film. They come in blue, red and black and their expected arrival in stores is May/June. So not long now! If you'd like to reserve your camera please email us.

2. The Impossible Project have announced they are making film. They have been working hard to bring back instant film and it is SUPER exciting that this has become a reality, right?

3. We still have some of the remaining Polaroid film! A few packs of 600 film remains at $35/pack and we've just managed to get a case of 779 film too which goes for $39/pack. Perth locals can swing past the store to grab some of what's left, or if online shopping is more your style we have what you need here.

As you can probably tell we are really excited by this!

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