Monday, May 17, 2010

Instant Gratification

It's happened! The Impossible Project and their dream of producing instant film for Polaroid cameras is now a reality and we are proud to have brought their PX600 Silver Shade First Flush film onto the streets of Perth.

This is a monochromatic film for use in 600 type cameras with 8 photos to a pack. Being their 'First Flush' they were still experimenting, so be prepared for some odd characteristics. I reckon they make the film more fun! Things like white spots or undeveloped areas are what to expect. You can find tips and instructions for using this film here. It's available for purchase in store or online and $35 gets you one packet.

When the Impossible Project started they bought up as much remaining Polaroid stock as they could, and lucky for us we were able to get our hands on some of what they scored! So, and this is pretty exciting, we are able to bring you TZ-Artistic for SX-70 cameras, Image Softtone for Spectra cameras (type 1200) and some of the peel apart type 100 film in chocolate, sepia and blue. These gems are, as you can imagine, very limited.

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