Monday, April 11, 2011

Wrap Yourself Up in Love

The leaves are turning, the air is chillin', autumn is finally here! Hurrah!
Before you dust off your soup recipes, find your knitting needles or snuggle up with your doona and a good book be sure to get your autumnal 'drobe sorted.

We heart our new range of lovingly hand-made neck wear Knits by AK. In lush 100% wool and 50/50 wool-mohair blends, they are super comfy, soft and snuggly-warm chic!
Check out a range of scarves for ladeez and fellas...

...and this super fun and handy pocket scarf!

We also adore the cuddle-like feel of this super long hand-knit scarf by Aunty Kathryn...

Perfect for a stroll through the changing leaves, because you can never look too fabulous, we adore this beautiful SupremeBeing Mask Coat!

And our faves for the fellas...

...Palmercash checks...

... and Red Collar Project cardigans!

Check in-store or at our on-line shop for many more hoodies, shirts, sleeved dresses and uber cute owl scarf & matching fingerless glove sets! Perfect for when the weather gets flustery and blustery.

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