Monday, May 09, 2011

New Colour Film for 600 series Polaroids!

Well! It's taken them a while, but the fabulous people at Impossible Project have FINALLY created a beautiful colour instant film to please owners of 600 series polaroid cameras. It's called PX 680 Colour Shade.

Up 'til now the only colour options we could offer you were the PX70 Push film for taking lovely colour pics with your SX 70 camera, the little business-card size colour film for the new amazing 300 series camera, or a range of weird and wonderful artistic tone films for spectra cameras and 100 series Polaroid cameras.

But those of you with the ever-popular 600 series Polaroid cameras were missing out! (Of course you have black 'n' white options like the lovely Silvertone). So we're super excited to announce that Impossible have finished their colour film for 600 instant cameras and it's on its way to Ruck Rover!

By the by, if all this talk of different films for different cameras makes you feel a bit dizzy, pop in store to check out our handy Guide to Polaroid-ing, or email us any questions you have. Try and stump us!

For more handy tips on getting the best from your instant camera colour film click here!

PX 680 Colour Shade will be available to purchase from Ruck Rover in late June. If you like, email us and we'll let you know when it has arrived!

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