Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introducing Pannikin

Ever wonder what is going on in the creative mind behind your favourite designs and accessories? We do! Especially when we discover such gorgeous and charming things as our new range from Pannikin.

Colour abounds on Holly's desk!

We sat down with designer Holly to find out a bit more about this excellent new addition to our shop, with a little Q&A!

1. Can you sum up the style and aesthetic of Pannikin in one sentence?

Colourful and playful pieces based on simple childhood nostalgia.

2. Who is behind Pannikin, and what was your inspiration to start up the label?

Holly Leonardson, who likes to jokingly call herself the 'Jewellery Wizard' behind Pannikin and occasionally writes about herself in the third person.

Inspiration came when I realised just how much I enjoyed creating jewellery after landing a job at an amazing local bead store at 15. I never really stopped creating jewellery as a hobby and after being introduced to simple online stores such as Etsy and handmade/design markets I realised I could actually move beyond that stage and start a label.

3. What kind of materials do you use in your products?

Early on I used to dabble in all sorts of mediums to create my jewellery however now I like focusing on turning simple illustrations and ideas into wearable, wooden objects which I hand-paint myself.

4. What's the best part of having an accessories label?

It's a mix of seeing people's reactions when they view and hold my pieces (I'll always get a kick out of that!) as well as the simple joy of creating and working with my hands.

5. Do you have a favourite item in the current range?

I do have a very soft spot for the items in my 'Keeping Young' collection, especially the rabbit and mouse brooches, they look so funny! All the engraved illustrations are actually crayon drawings I made as a 3 year old, which my Mum kept aside all these years. Every now and then we pull them out and have a bit of a laugh.

Kids' artwork always makes me smile - it's no biggie if Granny's head was drawn 5 times larger than her legs or if she was missing an arm, all that mattered was the pure joy of making and that's the feeling I am always aiming to capture with Pannikin.

Holly's pretty studio!

Find Holly's Pannikin range in store or online!

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