Saturday, July 07, 2012

Break Time

You know when you're in the depths of winter, and you can never, ever remember what it's like to be too hot

If tax is getting you down, and you're sick of wearing too many layers, just turn the heat up and surround yourself with these goodies. At Ruck Rover, it's easy to pretend you're on a holiday, what with our awesome pineapple ice-bucket (pen holder) and Tretchikoff prints. However, there are some goodies we're prepared to part with, if you need a little help dreaming....

Emily and Fin Lucy Island Dress

You remember Emily and Fin, of course. And, if you remember Emily and Fin, you probably remember the Lucy Dress - gathered high around the waist, with a modest neckline, and handy pockets on the sides? This version is designed to inspire frequent daydreams, with its wistful, tropical island print.

Supermaggie Saturn Tee

As long as we're dreaming, what do you think Saturn would be like to take a holiday on? Impractical, probably. But not in my head. In my head, there are aliens made from silky material (geddit?). This tee is made from a super comfy cotton blend.

Louche Summer Posy Dress

Louche know how to show off a waist. Buttons down the front, a loose A-line skirt, and a slight retro flavour. You can almost smell the jasmine. For those who can't wait till December.

Lisa Max Booze Brothers

 Seriously, just have a beer. These guys are. Created by artist Lisa Max.

Candy Stripe Cloud Teapot Brooch

Or, if beer isn't really your thing, have a cup of tea. With lots of sugar. And maybe some cake, and a terrible TV show. Candy Stripe Cloud can be relied upon to add a splash of colour to your day. They are the guys who make our garden stakes.

Polaroid Camera

This is to take pictures of your imaginary island adventures. Polaroid's camera spits out super clear prints that are the perfect size to put in your wallet. Of course you can get the film from us!

Only Midge Betty Purse

You should see the lining on this guy. The Betty purses come with a detachable strap, so you can wear it over your shoulder, or clutch it in your hand. This one has delightful ships for you to sail away on, but there are lots of other prints!

Frankie Spaces

A mite bigger than your average Frankie, and a good deal thicker, it's all about the beautiful spaces creative people have made for themselves to nest and work in. Because if you can't get away, you may as well make your space as liveable as possible.

We hope these have brightened your winter day a little. They always brighten ours!

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