Friday, January 12, 2007

January 2007

Well here we are in the new year and we've got lots of exciting new stock to tell you all about!

We've had big deliveries of jewellery from Classic Hardware and Lady Luck Rules OK. We love the Classic Hardware pieces using reproduction bakelite - so awesome! And the Lady Luck items feature such cute and colourful charms, you'll love them!
We have a great t-shirt label in the store at the moment which really flew out the door at Christmas time - Heavy Rotation from the US. They're actually based in Milwaukee, MI - famous for great beer, Happy Days and great music. C'mon, both the Violent Femmes and Liberace are from Milwaukee!

Check out the super-rocking 3-D shirt! Yes it does come with your own pair of glasses.

Anyhow, Heavy Rotation make awesome tees for guys and girls, they've been really popular and we're the only stockist in all of Australia at the moment (shh, don't tell any other stores about them!) so you better get in soon if you wanna pick one up!

Another great tee-shirt label we got in recently is Young Lovers from Sydney. They do limited edition runs of only 100 of their men's shirts (and only 20 of the girls versions, if any) so we're really pleased that we snagged a bunch.

If you can resist snapping up one of these totally awesome Degrassi Jr High prints, then you've got more will power than either of us!We're super excited about the delivery we got yesterday - a box all the way from Korea and the Millimeter/Milligram stationery company. We are both stationery freaks and we just had to get some of their awesome stuff, notebooks, drawing books, photo albums, capsule letters, diaries and even these rad tote bags!

Oh and one last thing - if you're in Perth and going to the RTRfm quiz night, try extra hard because you might win a Ruck Rover gift voucher. How cool would that be? We'll see you there!

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