Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 2006

New Stock!
We just received a new batch of super-awesome tees from Modern Planet, a t-shirt label from NYC. We got a few more headphones and reel-to-reel designs plus some new ones - robots, 8mm camera, guitars and bike. Come in and buy one because they rule. A nice big package from Poketo arrived with a whole slew of their cool shirts from guys (and girls this time), some more limited edition wallets, a great canvas messenger bag in two sizes, blank books and even some computer keyboard themed reminder magnets, a perfect Christmas gift for the organised geek in your life.
Also new is the biology inspired tees, badges and stickers from the lovely I Heart Guts! You'll have to come and see them for yourself to appreciate the true genius of their awesomeness! We love our guts!

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