Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't miss out!

I know a lot of you will be very, very pleased to hear that the lovely team at Frankie Magazine are bringing out a new calendar and planner for 2012.

Featuring absolutely beautiful artwork from some of our favourites, like Pin Pals, Donna Wilson, Catherine Campbell, Anke Weckmann, Sarah McNeil and the Black Apple, this delicious calendar sells for $29.95. We've had previous editions and they always make really nice prints after the year is over.

You can nab the hardcover journal for just $24.95. Plan your days in the most delightful way possible, with pretty pictures on nice feeling paper. That's important, isn't it!? It's in week to a page format, with monthly planner pages in there as well. Very useful!

These items always sell out super fast, and we end up sending them all over the world! If you've missed out before, you know the feeling, so to avoid that, why not shoot us an email at and ask us to set one aside for you. Just give us your name, phone number and what item you are after. Good stuff!

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