Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Fellas

Why not make your Christmas shopping easy by doing it in once place, we've got all your bases covered. Over the course of the week we will be publishing our Christmas Gift Guides starting today with those hard-to-buy-for blokes. Pop in and tick your squeeze, your papa and your bro off your list!

1. Whimsy & Ink hip flasks. Available in an array of colours and images, they are $39 a pop.

2. Shara Porter leather wallets. These come in black or brown and there are loads of designs: bikes, bees, anchors, ships, pigs, utes and more. The leather is lovely and soft. $55.

3. Smith Journal. From the team behind Frankie magazine comes this sturdy publication. Filled with art and photography with articles on famous writers and their typewriters, bikes and shoes, this one will help you get through the post-Christmas lunch slump with ease. $11.95. In store only.

4. Ruck Rover Creepy Tee. As usual, we have stocked up our tables with men's tees for the festive season. A bloke cannot have too many tee shirts in the Australian summer, and this one is our top pick. It's a collaboration we did with local artist Creepy and Outré Gallery. $59.

5. Lisa Max Booze Brothers. Here we have some more local, artistic talent. Who wouldn't want Lisa's awesome character art keeping their beer cool? $12 each.

6. Warrior Basketball Sneakers. Available in snazzy black with red, or classic white with blue, these sneakers start off comfy and just get more and more so. We dig them! $79.

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