Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Kids

Sourcing the best range of Christmas presents is out job each December, not yours! We have compiled an excellent selection of bits and bobs that will delight those fortunate enough to receive them.

Here are a few favourites that we've picked out for the younger generation!

Stuf are a range of children's toys made from durable, hand silk screened canvas with a weighted, pellet base. They ring a bell when shaken and come in these super excellent styles. We have the bird family and the pirates! The large ones are 12" tall and are $30 and the small are 6" and are $19.

Wry Baby Attack of the 50 foot Baby Stacking Blocks are... well they're designed to be stacked! But also knocked down. Made from hardy cardboard and illustrated with images of terror stricken tower dwellers, you can give your baby a sense of humour early on.

Seven sturdy blocks stack to 30" high. (Baby not included.)

Mysterio Baby Tees predict your child's future! There are 12 possible futures, and what's on each tee remains a mystery until opened. Available in a 0-6 month old size, these are perfect presents for the new arrivals, that everyone will get a kick out of on Christmas day.


These tees are toddler sized for some very trendy little ones. Each of these Pinecone & Chickadee tees are available in sizes 2 years, 4 years and 6 years, and each are $30.

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