Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Very Aussie Mother's Day

Community Service Announcement: It's Mother's Day next Sunday! If that threw you into a panic don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll be more than happy to help you find something to go with that super-warm hug you're planning to give your mum. Have a look at these treats (and try to resist getting them for yourself!)

Does your mum like native flora as much as my mum does? Is love for sustainable Aussie plants a Mum thing? Or just a cool-person thing? I'm not sure, but these Leif products make the most of it: There's a lovely smokey hand balm made from kakadu plum, body washes made from Wild Rosella and moisturizers smelling of  Desert Lime!

Finding Frida Brooches
Speaking of lovely Aussie flora, these brooches would go with the above quite nicely. A customer came in once and said some of them look a little like beautifully presented fossils -- and some of the plants do have that effect! But it's not just Aloe and Mistletoe framed in black or white, you can get kookaburras and butterflies too.

Sarmarie Coasters
Made in WA by local artist Sarmarie (who was also our Mini Art Mart artist for April), these abstract coasters are full of colour. I actually bought some for my mum. I hope she likes them.
They come in themed sets of Sun, Earth, Space and Water.

And while we're talking colour, you're sure to kick a goal with these beautiful brooches by Togetherness. Hand-crafted and stitched by Melbourne artist Esther Sandler, the casings are unique laser-cut perspex with embroidered cross-stitched geo designs. Beautiful.

Don't forget to browse our range of cards too for the best way to say thanks!

Rifle Thank You Postcard
We hope you have a lovely Mother's Day! Giver her a hug from us.

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