Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winter Warmers for the Ladies

Holy Moly, it's cold out there today. Well, not Canada cold, but definitely perth-at-the-start-of-winter cold, you know? The sort of day that should be spent under a doona with a cup of cinnamon and orange tea.

Having only achieved 50% of that (the tea, not the doona), makes me feel as if I need to warm up a little. So let's take a look at these, shall we? Maybe they'll make us feel all rugged up.

Dainty June Softer Than Starlight Tee

I can personally attest to this Tee's softness, actually: I have one at home. I tried it on when it came in, and couldn't take it off. It's like wearing a PJ top in public. With a breast pocket. And creative lining (stripey!).

Gorjess Duffle Coat

We loaned this coat out to the Perth College Charity Fashion Show, and my did the girls look good in this! I didn't realize until I saw it worn, just how sixties it looked. Wear with some tall boots and heavy eyeliner, ladies. 

Louche Gianni Cardi

I like to talk about this cardi's colours in terms of food. Salmon, caramel, cream, licorice. Not a great combo on a plate, maybe, but on apparel. Yum. This cardi is great for skirts and dresses -- it's cropped, so it doesn't cut off your twirling capabilities.

Dear Creatures Mayflower Dress

Champagne bubbles and Peter Pan collars! Such a middle-of-the-night dreamland dress. It's lined, and feels amazingly silky. A must with tights.

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